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I thought I would put up a post about moisturizing your cuticles. If there's something regarding your nails that you should be doing everyday, it's moisturizing your cuticles. This is really important to keep your nails healthy because your cuticles protect your newly forming nails. Unhealthy cuticles can cause bacteria and fungus to grow which in turn damage your nails (eeek!). Dry, unhealthy cuticles also cause hangnails! Those aren't fun at all and sometimes hurt really bad. But don't worry if you have this problem! Moisturizing your nails is the key to starting to fix this problem. Also, taking hot showers and washing your hands with warm/hot water can dry out your cuticles, so it's a good idea to moisturize your cuticles with one of these products after you take a shower. Using a moisturizing hand cream after every time you wash your hands will also help.

Find a cuticle cream or oil that suits your needs and use it daily to keep your cuticles healthy. I'll talk to you about a few products that I have used in the past and use right now.

I owe my cuticle health to the three products that I am about to show you. I have been using them for quite some time and my cuticles have never been better.

I have been using a combination of these three products over the years!
My favorite product: Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

This cuticle cream is more balmy than cream-like and is not waxy at all. And considering the small size of the container, this lasts a really long time and you can easily put it in your purse and keep as your on-the-go cuticle cream. The great thing about this is that you only need a miniscule amount for each nail to perfectly moisturize it. It isn't oily and absorbs very quickly (within minutes). The name, Lemon Butter, is apt because it really does smell like fresh lemons! I love the scent! 
The bad thing about this is that the cream isn't easy to get out of the container. You really have to push the pads of your fingers into the cream to get some out. If you're like me and keep your nails long, when the cream gets lower in the container, it sometimes gets stuck under the nails and gets hard to get out. It also makes the surrounding skin shiny but that goes away after a few minutes. 
This one is definitely my go-to product.
** You can find this at any drugstore 
Second favorite product: OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil

I use this one once in a while (I think once every 2 weeks). It moisturizes really well but you need to leave it on for a while for it to totally absorb. It also makes your skin look really shiny because of the oil. I wouldn't carry this one around with me in a purse because the oil sometimes gets stuck in the threads of the cap and leaks out. The scent is also nice! It smells like grapeseed! This lasts a while as well because all you really need is one light brush stroke per nail. 
** I usually get this from Amazon
Third product: Q-tickles Cuticle Oil

I haven't seen any reviews for this one in a really long time. I actually don't even know anyone that uses this but I like it. Considering it is supposed to be an oil, it's not really oily. It's more watery than Avoplex. I used to use this one all the time before I discovered Avoplex and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter. The moisturizing capabilities are sub-par but this does come cheap and you can get it in various scents. My favorites are mango and strawberry (the one pictured above is scent-less). 
** You can find this on Amazon or SallyBeauty
I have also used LUSH's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter in the past. As far as moisturizing goes, it does the job. It's also creamy like actual butter so it's easier to use and take out of the container. Compared to Burt's Bees Lemon Butter, Lemony Flutter takes a longer time to absorb and is also very greasy. I tried to use this one right before I went to bed so that my fingers wouldn't be greasy all day, but it ended up getting all over my blanket and sheets and wiped right off before it could be fully absorbed. The scent is also too strong and I couldn't stand it much. 

All in all, the best product for moisturizing your cuticles, in my opinion, is Burt's Bees Lemon Butter!

***Check back later to see more about cuticle care!! 

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