31 Day (Week) Challenge - Day 5: Blue Nails

Hi everyone!

This week's challenge theme color is BLUE!! Since I had a somewhat complicated mani last time, I decided to go with a very simple look for this week. I used a color that I used in last week's mani but I love the color SO much that I just had to use it again this week! You'll definitely see me using it again sometime soon!

The base polish that I used was Revlon Scented Parfume Ocean Breeze. (This color is amazing! First of all, it's scented. And I actually like the scent! Second of all, the color looks different in different shades of light. Right now while I'm sitting here writing this post, the color almost looks aquaish but then in bright light it looks like a light blue/turquoise color.) I love it. Also, I only used the base color on half of my nail and the other half of the nail doesn't have any polish on it. I then used a nail art pen (Nubar Silver Frost) to create the dots.

I kind of wish that I used a darker color to make the dots but I didn't think of that while I was creating this mani. Next time I create a mani like this I will definitely be using more contrasting colors.

Overall, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this look. I know I would have liked it better with darker dots and maybe that's why I'm having mixed feelings. But I do love the color!

Be sure to check out My Life In Turquoise's week 5 manicure!! She has a really cute look for all of you.

Week 5 is done!! Next week is violet and I have a great idea to show all of you!!

5 down, 26 more to go!!

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