31 Day (Week) Challenge - Day 2: Orange Nails

Hi everyone!!

Week 2 of the challenge is here! This week's theme is orange nails and I was having a really hard time coming up with something to do for orange. All I could think about were oranges. Since that's what immediately came to my mind, I was determined to find something else that I could do.

After literally spending a few days looking at designs and concepts, I realized that doing monarch wings would be perfect to do with orange!! I've seen a lot of monarch wing nail art that has a gradient so I decided against that, opting for something more simple.

Here's what it looks like!

For this manicure, I started out using Revlon Amber Ablaze as a base coat. It already has some shine to it which I thought added a nice touch to the overall look. But I wanted some more sparkle, so I added one very light coat of Wet N Wild Fast Dry Orange on top.

For the wing details, I used a detail brush and a black polish to get the outlines. Then I used a small dotting tool and some white polish to add the white dots.

I'm SO happy with how it turned out because I thought it would end up looking like a disaster. I actually did mess up on one of the nails but since I did this very late at night, I didn't go back and fix it.

My friend from My Life in Turquoise is also doing this challenge with me. Check out her manicure as well!!

I hope you all like it! 2 down, 29 more to go!!


  1. I love the design! I was stuck with Orange as well and could only think of oranges so I stuck to that haha!

    1. Thank you!! The oranges that you made were really cute :)