Something different

I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and loved it! So I thought I would do something similar and see how it looks. Plus, I recently got surgery so this was the first thing I did due to me not being able to move or walk around. Using 4 different colors kept me occupied for a while.

This was easy to do, just took a little more time because I had to be extra careful to make sure I didn't mess up even a little bit on the middle and ring fingers.

1) I used teal on my thumb, index finger, and pinky finger.
2) I applied a lighter burgundy to my ring finger and then gold on the middle finger.
3) After the middle and ring fingers had dried thoroughly, I used a gold glitter polish on the ring finger and painted half the nail at an angle (I did not use tape for this part because the burgundy polish I used always peels off easily).
4) I used the teal and burgundy from the other nails and put different sized dots on the middle finger using a dotting tool.
5) Finish it off with a top coat!

Simple, just a little tiny bit time consuming. I hope you liked it!!

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