Autumnal Blur

I did these a few days ago since it is now fall. I wanted to do something to match the colors of the leaves changing because Fall is my favorite season and the leaves are gorgeous! Especially the trees near me. There are so many around me that turn bright red. These trees start turning red at the tips of every leaf and VERY slowly move down the leaf. So right now, some of them are half red and half green, where the tips all around the tree are red and in the middle, towards the trunk are still very much green. It looks breathtaking. Enough about these trees...!

One of the things I like about Fall is sitting in the car and just staring at the trees passing by. So I tried doing something to match what that looks like.

 This was easy to do but just took a steady hand.

1) Always always apply a base coat!!
2) The base color that I used was Revlon Golden
3) Then I used an art brush to lightly swipe across my nails. But I only used each color on a few spots on my nails and sometimes even only swiped across once for certain colors. The key is to not take up too much polish on the brush so that you can see the brush stroke on the nails.
4) Here are the colors I used, in order:
- Wet n Wild Sage in the City
- Zoya Sarah
- Revlon Sunshine Sparkle
- Revlon Amber Ablaze
- Zoya Edyta
5) Then to add some sparkle, I used Jane Megawatt and wiped the polish brush on the edge of the bottle so that most of the polish was off the brush. Then I swiped over the nail in the direction I did the other colors.

What do you think of my blur of autumn colors??


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  2. Jane Megawatt is my FAVORITE polish! Do you know where to get a bottle? Mine is all dried out, I must have had it for 8 years. I'd pay anything to get my hands on some more!!

    1. Hey Ariel!

      I love Jane Megawatt too! I have not been able to find any Jane polishes in a while but I'll do some searching and get back to you. In the meantime, have you tried adding nail polish remover to the bottle of dried out polish? That usually works for me when my polish is a dried out. Although I don't know if it will work if it is COMPLETELY dried out. But try it out and see what happens! Leave the remover in there for a while to let it mix. I'm sure it won't work right away.

      I'll look for some Jane polishes for you :)

    2. Thank you!! I have tried to add polish remover and it worked for a bit, but most of the polish is gone anyways. I can't seem to find any similar polishes. I might have to resort to making my own! It breaks my heart that they don't make it anymore, but what can I do. If you happen to come across it somewhere, let me know :)

      Ariel Solar-Millhorn

    3. I still haven't been able to the polishes! But I recently got a lot of glitter polishes so I will be trying those out soon. If any of them match the consistency and look of Jane, I'll let you know!