Helloooo. Some of my bottles of nail polishes are a bit old and I noticed that the brushes aren't soft anymore. So whenever I put the polishes on, the brush would scratch the polish during the second coat. That got me wondering...what would happen if I used something sharp to put on the polish? I searched online and found out that you can do this with toothpicks!!

Doesn't it look awesome??

And it wasn't even that hard to do!

Here are the steps:
1) Pick a base color and apply (I chose white)
2) Pick some colors that you want to "scratch" with the toothpick (blue, pink, purple, teal in the picture)
3) Start with one color and do all of your nails so you don't have to go back and forth opening the bottles over and over again. Put a drop of one of the colors at the crown and then take a toothpick and start scratching it lightly towards the tip of the nail (the size of the drop will determine how far you are able to scratch the color)
4) Repeat with each of your chosen colors
5) Finish it off with a top coat!

I hope you like this because I sure did!!

And yes, that's henna on my hands. I got it done for a wedding that I had to go to.

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