Vampire Bites

Hey everyone! I have some Halloween nails for you today I found this design on another blog site recently and thought of trying it out myself. Here's what my finished product looks like:

To get this look, here's what you're going to need:
Polishes: (the exact ones I used are in brackets)
- Flesh-colored/nude polish [Orly Country Club Khaki]
- Bright red polish [Sally Hansen Perfect Cherry]
- Dark red polish [Revlon Valentine]
- Deep red/burgundy polish [Ulta Rio Red]
- Glitter red polish [Zoya Sarah]

- Your preferred base and top coat


- A pair of tweezers
- A detail brush
- A medium-sized dotting tool
- A makeup sponge

1) Apply a base coat to all of your nails
2) Apply your flesh/nude polish to all of your nails and let dry
3) After the flesh polish has dried, use the detail brush to paint "blood" on all of your nails EXCEPT YOUR RING FINGER!! Your cuticles should look like they are bleeding
4) Move on to your ring finger while the blood is drying. Break off a small piece of your makeup sponge and use your tweezers to dip it in the dark red polish. Dab it on a napkin or paper to remove most of polish and then use the remaining amount to create 2 medium-sized circles on your ring finger. These are supposed to be the bruises around the bites
5) Now use your dotting tool and the deep red/burgundy polish to create a dot in the middle of each of the bruises. These are the bites
6) While the bites are drying, go back to the other fingers. Use your detail brush and glitter red polish and go over all of the blood
7) Return to your ring finger. Use the detail brush and bright red polish to create blood "dripping" out of each of the bites. After that dries, use the detail brush to go over the "drip" with the glitter red polish
8) After you have given sufficient time for everything to dry, finish it off with your favorite top coat!

I hope this helps and you all enjoyed it!

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