Tri-Polish Challenge (May #4) - Layer It Up

Hello hello!

Today is the last post for May's TPC, can you believe it? May seems to have flown by!

Sorry for the late post. I decided to go see Star Trek, finally, and just got home! It's a good thing I had the pictures ready, otherwise I don't think I would have been able to put it up until later tomorrow. (In case any of you are wondering, Star Trek was really good!)

To refresh, the colors for May are Red, Grey, and Blue.

For today's mani, I decided to use all three polishes and just layer them, but so that you can see all three colors. Take a look!

To get this look:
  • I first applied my base coat and then applied three coats of Revlon Coast is Clear because it is a very sheer polish, but I applied most of the polish over the lunula and a little down the sides.
  • I then applied one coat of Revlon Midnight Haze in the same shape of my nail, but a little down the nail so that the blue polish was still visible.
  • Using two coats of Revlon Revlon Red, I created the same shape over the grey but a little more down so that the grey was still visible behind the red polish. 
  • I sealed everything up with my favorite top coat.

I actually love how this turned out! It is much better than I was expecting. The best part about this mani is that it is super easy! And if creating the rounded tops are hard to do with the regular brush, I think using a detail brush to create the outline would help. Either way, this mani is super simple but fun. Plus, I love how the whole look makes each color pop!

What do you all think of my last TPC mani for May? Let me know below! If you want to see some more great looks, check out the ones the other challengers have created below.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I am not sure if I'll be able to post anything this weekend. If I do, then I do. But if not, check back on Monday to see my next 31DC post!