Cherry Blossoms

Hey everyone! My mom needed to get her nails done again so I, of course, used the opportunity to try out some more looks! Her nails are REALLY long so I decided to make some cherry blossoms on her nails because there's more than enough room to work with and I can easily create some small blossoms and lots of branches. And since both of our nails are skinny (but long) I figured cheery blossoms would look good too.

I love the color of cherry blossoms so I had to find colors that matched them to create the look. For the base coat, I used China Glaze Poetic, a very soft pink that went with the theme perfectly. The color is so simple but beautiful and I'm so glad that I found it in my stash! For the branches I used a nail art pen, Nubar Black. For the blossoms and the centers I also used nail art pens, Nubar Fuchsia Frost and Nubar White respectively.

I'm happy with how this turned out and my mom loved the look as well! I'm definitely going to be making some more cherry blossoms in the future.

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