Tribalesque Doodling

Hello again!

I went to India last December and was going to bring some of my polishes with me so that I could do some stuff in India. However, after I got there and was itching to do some stuff with my nails, I realized that I only brought nail art pens with me and completely forgot the bad of polishes on my dresser. What a bummer! So I decided to just doodle on my nails with the nail art pens...straight onto my nails. Well not straight onto my nails. I did remember to bring my base and top coats.

I applied my base coat first and then started doodling with the black nail art pen that I had.
 At first I didn't like it at all and was frantically looking for a nail polish remover. But as time went on, and I didn't find a decent remover, I started liking it. The doodles are definitely something different and stand out! 

Until next time!

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