Doodles and Flowers

Hey everyone! So last December my family has 2 weddings to attend. Before the first one, I obviously did my nails to get ready for the upcoming festivities! After seeing my nails, a few of our friends asked to get their nails done by me (yay!) and of course, I was thrilled and more than happy to do their nails! Indian weddings are all about color so the girls brought over their outfits and we decided to match the colors and patterns that were on their dresses.

Here's what the end product looked like:
  The left one: Her dress was green and pink and had a lot of intricate swirls that almost looked vine-like. Then there were pink embellishments and embroidery work that went along with the green swirl pattern. The detail in the dress made me go for a simple look so that everything did not look too busy. I opted for pink french tips and a cute simple green design.

 The right one: This dress was blue and purple with lots of shine and sparkles. Again, the pattern and overall look of this dress was very detailed so to not make everything look too busy, I went for something simple. To match the background color of her dress, I gave her blue french tips. The dress had purple and some flower patterns so to go along with that, I highlighted her ring finger and put a purple with some dots on it.

I hope you like it! These were simple but fun to do because they were happy with the end result :)

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