Hi everyone!

I have a couple of updates for you regarding the next few weeks. I'm going on a vacation to Alaska this Thursday with my family so I will not be able to post any manicures for a few weeks. The 31DC manicures that I will be missing are the galaxies and water marble. However, if I get a chance to create one of those before this Thursday, I will post it! But I think that is highly unlikely because I haven't even started packing yet :( I still need to create a mani to wear on vacation!! If you have any ideas for me, let me know!

Alaska!! I'm super excited!! I've planned to go dog sledding, hike up a glacier, see the northern lights, and so much more! I'll definitely post a few pictures on here after I come back. Also, if I don't end up posting anything before I leave, I promise to have something for you by June 24 (latest). I'll be back a few days before that but that should give me enough time to settle back into my routine. This also means that I will be missing the Tri-Polish Challenge for June! June's colors are super pretty too (red, pink, and purple). Oh well, I still have July!

I hope you all have an amazing few weeks and I'll get back to you once I'm back home!


  1. Alaska is amazing! Have a great vacation :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm super excited!! I've heard that Alaska is beautiful!